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Studies on the Biology of Larvae of Clarias albopunctatus (N. & L.): Effect of Different Diets on the Growth and Survival of Larvae



Clarias albopunctatus larvae, collected from the laboratory hatchlings were on the 4th day of lie, subjected to six different diet consisting of A - Plankton, B - Egg Yolk, C - Beef liver, D - Milk Powder, E - Crayfish trash and F - Soya bean meal. The experiment was maintained at 27.5 ± 5 0oC. Larval weight measurements before the experiment and later once in two days, were obtained, Larvae were fed to satiation, 4 times daily. Dead larvae were siphoned ad counted twice daily. The experiment ended on the 14th day and the respective groups were compared on the basis of growth rates, survival rates and food conversion ratios larvae fed on plankton diet were significantly higher than those fed on other diet. Larvae fed on soya bean meal had the lowest mean growth rates, survival rates and food conversion ratios. Survival rates of larvae fed on diets C and D; C and E; E and F were not significantly different between themselves but significantly differed from either A or B diet. Variations on the result suggests that larval age requires a period of live food feeding and this gradually will become replaced by artificially compounded feeds.

Journal of Aquatic Sciences Volume 14, April 1999, pp. 29-32


Diets, growth, survival, Clarias albopuctatus