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Study of food habits of Goby, Porogobius schlegelii (Gunther, 1861) from Elechi creek, off Bonny River, Niger Delta, Nigeria



The study examines the food habits of goby, Porogobius schelgelii from the artisanal fisheries of the Bonny River in the Niger Delta. The results show that detritus, diatoms and blue-green algae are the primary food items followed by sand granules, macrophytes and nematodes as secondary food items. Protozoa. Fish eggs and parts were observed as incidental food items. The Shannon-Weaver Relative Index (J) showed that Porogobius schelgelii are omnivores with no preference for any food items. Also, Shorygin Index (X) indicates that there is a positive intra specific feeding relationship among the various size groups leading to competition for food items.

JOURNAL OF AQUATIC SCIENCES Volume 16, Number 2, October 2001, pp. 79-82


Food habits, Goby, Elechi Creek, Bonny River, Niger Delta

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eISSN: 0189-8779