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Composition of phytoplankton algae in Gubi Reservoir, Bauchi, Nigeria



Studies on the distribution, abundance and taxonomic composition of phytoplankton algae in Gubi reservoir were carried out for 12 months (from January to December 1995). Of the 26 algal taxa identified, 14 taxa belonged to the diatoms, 8 taxa were green algae while 4 taxa belonged to the blue-green algae. Higher cell density was recorded in the dry season (November-April) for diatoms and blue green algae while for the green algae, higher cell density was recorded in the wet season (May - October). The physical and chemical parameters showed significant variation (P < 0.05) for both seasons. Changes in the phytoplankton spectrum was influenced by the changes in the physico-chemical regimes.

JOURNAL OF AQUATIC SCIENCES Volume 16, Number 2, October 2001, pp. 115-118

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