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Economic realities and management systems in aquaculture production

A.A. Garba


This study reviewed and unveiled the economic sizes and managing systems in aquaculture production. The focus had been on developing new technologies and management systems in aquaculture production that can produce fish food on an economically competitive basis while still maintaining environmental health. The technique of recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) had been discussed. Economic issues such as: adequately available quality water, economic sizes, management issues, financial capabilities, various investment options, species selection, cost of production, capitalization cost of unit process, cost of pumping and bio-filtration, gas stripping and pH control, solid wastes removal, economically competitive scale, labor requirements as well
as predicted cost of production. The economic comparison of broilers and catfish production were evaluated. Also, challenges against the effective aquaculture technological application and the prospects to economic realities and management systems in aquaculture production were also highlighted. It could be concluded that economic realities and management of RAS is the soft and live wire in aquacultural development especially in developing countries like Nigeria. It is therefore, recommended that fish farmers need to engage and be trained on the use of this new fish production technology for increase production and economy benefits.

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eISSN: 0189-8779