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Evaluation of Nutritional Profile of Periwinkle (<i>Tympanotonus Fuscatus</i>) from Ekeuku Market, Owerri, Imo State

S. U. Nwaka
J. P. Udoh


Shellfish meat are popular due to their high protein content, low carbohydrate values, low fat/cholesterol profile, and the presence of some vital minerals such as copper, calcium, zinc, iron, and manganese. High nutritional values in shellfish has resulted in an increase in demand for the resource which eventually influences the economic growth in both local and international markets. The nutritional profile of periwinkle (Tympanotonus fuscatus) was studied with the aim of providing health related information to consumers. The proximate analysis was evaluated using standard analytical procedures. Results showed that periwinkle samples contained 3.69±0.63% ash, 38.38±0.19% moisture, 20.21±0% protein, 0.25±0.04% fat, 4.33±0% crude fibre and 33.15±0.78% carbohydrate. The results also revealed the mineral content of periwinkle thus: manganese content was 1.30ppm, magnesium content was 9.64ppm, calcium content was 1.55ppm, lead was 0.00ppm, iron was 5.60ppm and zinc was 0.11ppm. The findings from this work showed that periwinkle contained considerable amounts of protein, carbohydrate, ash, fibre, manganese, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc but low in fat with no lead content. Thus, increase consumption of periwinkle may help address micronutrient and protein deficiency problems.

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eISSN: 0189-8779