Responses of heterotrophs in polyculture ponds under various chicken droppings regimes in Rayfield, Jos, Nigeria

  • EBC Ufodike
  • KV Absalom
  • GU Ikpi
Keywords: Zooplankton, species, organic manure, polyculture system, fish farm


The study was carried out to determine the composition and responses of heterotrophs that received varying levels of chicken droppings in polyculture ponds between January and December 2005. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, Chi square test and ANOVA. A total of thirty-seven (37) taxa was recorded with Sarcodina 9 (24.32%), Ciliata 9 (24.32%), Rotifera 9 (24.32%), Flagellata 3 (8.11%), Heliozoa 1 (2.70%), Cladocera 3 (8.11%), Copepoda 2 (5.41%) and Gastrotricha 1 (2.70%). The results further showed that Ciliata, Rotifera and Flagellata had the highest percentage composition of 24.32% each, and the least Heliozoa and Gastrotricha with 2.70% each. Rotifera recorded the highest density of 3287.56±477.87 no/ml and Paramecium sp also with the highest density with 4660 no/ml. Therefore Ciliata, Rotifera and Flagellata did better in ponds with chicken droppings than other heterothrophs.

Key Words: Zooplankton, species, organic manure, polyculture system, fish farm


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eISSN: 0189-8779