Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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Evaluation of Algae from the effluent of Dandot cement company, Dandot, Pakistan

TM Khattak, Noor Zaman Bhatti, Ghulam Murtaza


Twenty genera and fifty species of algae have been reported from the effluent water of Dandot Cement Company. They include thirteen genera and thirty five species from Chlorophyceae; three genera and six species from Cyanophyceae and four genera and nine species from Bacillariophyceae. Camera Lucida drawings of all the species are being provided. The present investigation suggest that the effluent have inhibited the growth of algae particularly the members of class Cyanophycea and Bacillariophyceae. pH range 7.0 to 7.6 is the best for sustenance of aquatic life. Here the pH of the pond is 7.5 seems to be normal for aquatic vegetation. However the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) which is 10 time higher than that recommended by Pakistan National Environmental Quality Standard (PNEQS), could be one of the reasons to check the growth of algal vegetation in the pond.

Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management Vol. 9(1) 2005: 147-149

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