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Development of Smart Switch for Household Appliances Using Web-Based TechnologyDevelopment of Smart Switch for Household Appliances Using Web-Based Technology

OOE Ajibola, AO Balogun


The paper depicts design and prototypic implementation of household automation switching system for electrical appliances using web based  interface technology. The proposed system consists of two parts, the first part
is the hardware module, which provides appropriate interface to switches of home appliances. Second part is the software component that comprises the user control interface which monitors and controls energy consuming units in
the household. Users and system administrator can locally (LAN) or remotely (WAN) control system code to activate or deactivate a desired appliance. The outcome of the study revealed that the smart household switch engendered
substantial reduction in energy consumption on all kinds of appliance and it poses no threat to security of lives and properties. The device is desirable for conservation and efficient use of energy.

Keyword: smart switch, remote control, energy efficiency, household appliances
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