Effects of rubber crumb particle distribution on the properties of rubberized concrete

  • J.O. Akinyele
Keywords: Concrete, Rubber crumb, Fine aggregate, Void Ratio, Rubberized concrete


Different works have been carried out on the use of tyre rubber crumbs in concrete with results focusing mostly on the mechanical and physical performance of the concrete. This work also aims at looking at the mechanical properties of rubberized concrete with emphasis on the causes of the reduction in mechanical strength because of rubber particle distribution in the concrete sample. The fine aggregate (sand) was replaced at 0, 4,8,12 and 16% by rubber crumbs in rubberized concrete. Void Ratio (VR), Relative Density (RD) and Bulk Density (BD) along with the particle size distribution of the soil samples were determined, while the compressive and tensile strength of the concrete samples was also determined. The microstructure properties of the concrete samples were also observed using digital and electron microscope. The results obtained revealed the distribution of the rubber crumb in concrete, the types of micro cracks formed and the effects of voids on the strength of the rubberized concrete. The work concluded that the reduction in mechanical strength of rubberized concrete can also be as results of the void ratio and crack sizes formed in the samples.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-3233