Comparative analysis of root and tuber expansion programme in Kwara state, Nigeria

  • OE Ayinde
  • AH Adenuga
  • KF Omotesho
  • AO Oke
Keywords: Root and Tuber Expansion Programme, Technical Efficiency


The Nigerian government over the years introduced and implemented several policies and programmes aimed at improving the agricultural sector and enhancing farmers’ welfare. However, very little is known about the impact of these programmes on the intended beneficiaries to justify the huge funds expended on their execution. This study therefore examined how the Root and Tuber Expansion Programme (RTEP) had impacted on root and tuber crops production of the beneficiaries in Kwara State, Nigeria. A combination of purposive and random sampling techniques was used to select 60 beneficiaries and 60 non-beneficiaries of the programme. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, Data Envelopment Analysis, and T-Test Analysis. The mean Total Factor Productivity index for the beneficiaries was 4.94 while that for the non-beneficiaries was 3.92. The mean technical efficiency score was 0.92 for beneficiaries and were more efficient than the non beneficiaries who had a technical efficiency score of 0.71. The study concluded that RTEP had made some positive impact on its beneficiaries in Kwara State and the capital investment in the programme by both the Federal and State Governments is justifiable. This study recommends that the programme should be expanded to cover all local government areas in the state to ensure a wider spread of the project benefits and that continuity of the programme beyond the project period should also be given due consideration.

Key words: Root and Tuber Expansion Programme, Technical Efficiency


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eISSN: 1595-7470