Profitability and viability of catfish enterprises in Abia State of Nigeria

  • O.R. Iheke
  • C Nwagbara
Keywords: Profitability, Viability, Catfish


This study was designed to analyze profitability and viability of catfish farming in Abia State of Nigeria. Simple random sampling technique was used in selecting 50 catfish farmers that provided the data used for the study. The primary data were collected with the aid of structured questionnaire, administered through personal interviews and careful observations so as to elicit the required information from the respondents. The data were analyzed using net profit analysis and benefit - cost ratio (BCR). The result of the study showed that on the average, an initial capital of ₦779, 200 was used in setting up each of the catfish business and the average farm size is 0.25ha. An average annual gross revenue of ₦1, 325, 000 and average annual profit of ₦545, 800 accrued to the catfish farfmers. This shows that catfish farming is a profitable business in the study area. Also, the benefit BCRwas 1.33 indicating that catfish farms in the study area are viable enterprises. Thus in order to boost catfis farming in the study area, the government should assist the farmers in circumventing whatever constraint they may be facing in their production process.

Keywords: Profitability, Viability, Catfish


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eISSN: 1595-7470