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Effective feedback mechanism in the transfer and adoption of fish technologies in south eastern Nigeria

O.U. Ojo
I Nwachukwu
N.E. Egeonu


The study was aimed at identifying effective feedback processes from fish farmers to fish research institute, fish farmers to extension and extension to fish research institute in the transfer and adoption of fish technologies in South East Geo-political zone of Nigeria. Two states in the zone (Abia and Imo) which are known for fish farming were chosen for the study. From each of the states, 60 fish farmers were selected making a total of 120 fish farmers. Furthermore, 45 extension staff were selected from each state making, this gave a total of 90 extension staff. Later 16 National Institute for Freshwater Fisheries Research (NIFFR) scientists were selected. This gave a total of 226 respondents. Structured questionnaire was used to collect information from the sampled fish farmers, extension officers and the fish research institute scientists. Percentages, means and frequency count were used to analyse the data collected from the study. Result of the analyses shows that farmers visit to the extension officer and use of cell phone were the only effective feedback process between farmers and extension agents. Feedback process between the extension agents and the research scientists are established only through the Monthly Technology Review Meeting. None of the communication methods was effective in maintain appropriate feedback between farmers and the research scientists.

Keywords: Feedback, Adoption, Transfer, Fish, Technologies, Farmers

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