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Tomato farmers adoption level of postharvest value addition technology and its constraints in Surulere Area of Oyo State, Nigeria

J.A. Akangbe
T.J. Ogundiran
S.E. Komolafe
J.O. Ifabiyi
B.O. Ajibola


The study examined tomato farmers’ adoption level of postharvest value addition technology and its constraints in Surulere Area of Oyo state. 160 tomato farmers were randomly selected and interviewed through structured interview schedule. Data obtained were subjected to descriptive and inferential statistics. Results revealed prevalent causes of tomato postharvest losses to include; unreliable means of transportation, lack of adequate storage facilities, limited alternative uses of produce, diseases/pest infestation and non-accessibility to improved varieties and quality seeds. Furthermore, postharvest value addition technologies at adoption level indicated by majority were ranked as follows; sun drying and peeled tomato preserves (88.1%) ranked first, fresh refrigerated (67.5%) ranked third, pureed and sealed with oil in jars (50.6%) ranked fourth, boiled, sealed and packed sealed (50.0%) ranked fifth, cold water bath (46.9%) ranked sixth. Only (3.1%) evaluated pickling, 0.6% trialled irradiation, 2.5% trialled pulping. Constraints faced by majority include; inadequate technological knowledge about value addition, inadequate of electricity supply, lack of cold storage facilities and lack of awareness about value addition technologies. Regression analysis shows significant relation between preventive initiatives adopted by tomato farmers and their level of education, agricultural cooperative membership and availability of electricity and extension agents’ visit. In the view of the findings, the study concludes that tomato farmers have adopted several preventive initiatives for tomato postharvest losses and were still with faced with challenges. It is therefore important improve educational knowledge of tomato farmers in the study area on improved skills to further minimise post-harvest losses.

Keywords: tomato, postharvest losses, value addition, constraints

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