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Growth and productivity of (Pleurotus floridanus) on sawdust substrate

Olutayo M. Adedokun, Raymond Akanni


Study was conducted to investigate growth and biological efficiency of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus floridanus) cultivated on different proportions of sawdust substrate supplemented with wheat bran. The experiment was a complete randomized design with three treatments (A- 500g , B-1000g and C-1500g) 10 replicates each. The yield and biological efficiency of the 500g substrate was highest (with 265.5g) and B.E of (26.5%). Result of this study revealed no significant different (P>0.05) between yield and B.E of treatments 1000g and 1500g. Biological efficiency decreased with an increase in substrate quantity. Maximum moisture content (86.4%) was recorded in treatment 1500g followed by 85.8% for treatment 500g and 85.5% for 1000g. Number of fruit bodies recorded was 233, 201 and 91 for treatments 1500g, 1000g and 500g respectively. Means of pileus diameter and stipe length obtained were higher for mushrooms grown in 1500g substrate while lower values were obtained from those grown in the 500g substrate. Yield, B.E, moisture content, number of fruit, pileus diameter, stipe length of the mushrooms grown in different proportion of sawdust substrate were dependent on the quantities of the substrate. The use of less quantities of sawdust substrate in mushroom production is encouraged.

Keywords: Pleurotus floridanus, yield, Biological Efficiency, Mushroom Production

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