Journal of Agriculture and Social Research (JASR)

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Minimizing fuel wood consumption through the evolution of hot ston cooker as an alternative domestic energy supply

M.A.C.A. Odii, J.N. Mokwunye


The central objective of this paper is to minimize fuelwood consumption through evolving alternative domestic energy. Data on alternative domestic energy sources, and use fuel wood consumption during scarcity of petroleum were collected using structured questionnaires. Data on time spent to cook yam, race and beans with hot stone were also collected. The hot stone cooker design was observed to cook food faster. The application of hot stone cooker during the period of scarcity of petroleum products would minimize the use of fuelwood as a source of domestic energy supply. This would lead to a sustainable environment. The study recommended the adoption of the hot stone cooker so as to ensure sustainable environmental protection through minimizing the use of fuelwood.

(Journal of Agriculture and Social Research: 2003 3(1): 40-54)
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