Resources Use Efficiency In Food Crop Production In Ekiti State, Nigeria

  • RO Babatunde
  • EO Boluwade
Keywords: Crops, Resource Use Efficiency, Marginal Value Product, Unit Factor Cost


This study was designed to examine resource use efficiency in food crop production in Ekiti State of Nigeria. Primary data were collected from 110 food crop farmers selected using multi-stage random sampling technique. Data analysis was done using both inferential statistics and regression analysis. Marginal value productivity of resources were computed and compared with the acquisition/prices of these resources. Result of regression analysis indicates that farm size, fertilizer and purchased inputs were significant inputs that accounted for variation in the output of food crops. The Marginal Value Product (MVP) of all the resources were positive but land was more productive than others inputs. The use of operating credit and fertilizer were efficient. Farmland and purchased inputs were under-utilized while labour was over-utilized. Increasing the farm size and purchased inputs used and decreasing the level of labour use would increase food crop production in the area.
Key words: Food Crops; Resource Use Efficiency; Marginal Value Product; Unit Factor Cost.
Journal of Agriculture and Social Research Vol.4(1) 2004: 105-117

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eISSN: 1595-7470