Socio-Economic Factors Influencing Entrepreneurship Among Women In Fishing Communities In Ondo State, Nigeria

  • F O Omotoso
  • G A Daramola
Keywords: Socio-economic factors, entrepreneurship, fishing communities, women


From the early years till date, Nigerian women in fishing sector remain a potent force in the economic growth of fishing communities. However, many socio-economic factors influence their entrepreneurial skills. This paper examines some objectives such as, what roles do women play in planning and fisheries management? What are the socio-economic factors determining fishing households? What is the allocation of labour/time between productive and non-productive activities? What are the effects of simulated policies on entrepreneurship among the women? Ilaje and Ese–Odo local Government areas of Ondo State are the study areas. One hundred respondents were interviewed in all. Descriptive tools as frequencies, percentages, means and modes were used to analyze the primary data. The study found that overall entrepreneurial rating of the study group is low, essential input can not be easily gotten in the area, the respondents has large household size thereby had a large dependents to take care of, income level is generally low, no modern processing technique and no storage facilities. It also established the need to help them.

Key words: Socio-economic factors, entrepreneurship, fishing communities, women to acquire modern skills hence general improvement in their livelihoods.

Journal Of Agriculture And Social Research Vol. 5 (1) 2005: 1-10

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eISSN: 1595-7470