Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction Of Rangers In Yankari Game Reserve, Bauchi, Nigeria

  • AA Ogunjinmi
  • MO Umunna
  • KO Ogunjinmi
Keywords: job satisfaction, rangers, Yankari Game Reserve, Nigeria


The study was conducted to identify the various factors affecting the job satisfaction level of rangers in Yankari Game Reserve, Bauchi, Nigeria. Data were collected using structured questionnaire comprising four facets: personal characteristics of the rangers, job satisfaction, motivation, and work environment. Data were analysed by using descriptive statistics such as frequencies and percentages and inferential statistics such as Chi-Square and Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation (PPMC). The result showed that 77.5% of the rangers fell within the age range of 40 and below, 93.8% were male, and 86.2% were married. The study further revealed that 87.5% of the rangers were very dissatisfied with their job. In addition, 92.5% of them agreed that they were poorly motivated and they were not satisfied with the various facets of work environment. Chi-
Square test results indicated that there were no significant relationships between the gender, marital status, religion and education of the rangers and their job satisfaction (P>0.05). However, PPMC results showed that there were significant relationships between their age, number of wife(ves), family size, monthly income and work experience and their job satisfaction (P<0.05). The study concluded that apart from personal characteristics, work motivation and work environment play significant roles in job
satisfaction of rangers.

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eISSN: 1595-7470