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Prevalence of diseases among sheep and goats in Edo State, Nigeria

A Omoike


Clinical records of small ruminant (Sheep and Goat) diseases treated were collected from the veterinary clinics, Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources of three Local Government areas in Edo state, for a period of five years (1997-2002). To identify the disease occurrence and prevalence as it militates against the growth of these animals in these sub- humid areas. The total numbers of small ruminants treated were 316 having 25 cases of Sheep and 291 cases of goats. Diarrhoea accounted for 20 & 12.4%; helminthiasis 20 & 13.4% and Pneumonia 16 & 20.3% for sheep and goat respectively. Pneumo-enteritis, mange, anorexia, wound and kata were common among goat while, pneumo-enteritis; helminthiasis and wound were among sheep. Goat diseases prevalence showed much occurrence of pneumonia, helminthiasis and diarrhoea. While, sheep was more of diarrhoea, helminthiasis and pneumonia respectively. The statistical analysis of the clinical treatment data using a three-factor analysis of variance revealed that animal type and disease were significant (p<0.05), while, the diseases occurrence due to the local government area was not significant (P<0.05). The disease occurrence strictly depended on the type of disease and species of the small ruminant. Profitable and efficient animal development in these local government areas and other areas with similar conditions, call for re-sensitization towards adequate small ruminants’ health care management programmes especially semi-intensive method with regular deworming; both governmental and non governmental contribution by funding research on the improvement of indigenous breed.