Analysis of physical and chemical composition of honey samples in selected market in Ibadan metropolis

  • BA Adams
  • B Osikabor
  • AA Olomola
  • AAA Adesope
Keywords: oney, market, sweetener


The study analyzed the physical and chemical compositions of seven honey samples, which were obtained from selected markets in Ibadan metropolis. Seven samples of honey were obtained namely from sample A (Forestry honey Ibadan), Sample B (Pure honey), Sample C (Mr. honey), Sample D (Taraba honey), sample E (Sokoto honey), sample F (Saki honey) and sample G (Natural honey). The variables analyzed were pH, % purity, Ash content, Refractive index, Viscosity, Colour and specific gravity. The average price/litre of the honey samples B,C and G (N1,250) was higher than samples D, E and F (N666.00). The average % purity of the honey samples is 92.64.Result also showed that the mean value of the variables tested namely Viscosity (4.37), Refractive index (1.49), specific gravity (1.12), pH (5.27) and % Ash content (0.35) were within the established codex standard values of honey; i.e. 1.95 – 5.65, 1.4000 – 1.9000, 1.38 - 1.45, 3.6 – 5.6 and 0.20 – 1.03 respectively. The result further revealed that the variables considered were within the standard set by Codex alimentrus. Improvement in processing and packaging techniques will not only enhance the acceptability of these products but also brings about higher income to the producers and marketers.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1595-7470