Concentration of heavy metals from traffic emissions on plant produce sold along Ife– Ibadan express way: Health implications

  • OA Bello
  • AA Aiyeloja
  • FA Adetayo
Keywords: Vehicle, Travel, Highway, Deposition, Food


In recent years, emission and combustion of fossils and fuels have been identified as primary sources of atmospheric metallic burden. Detailed information about this is not readily available in Nigeria. This study was therefore carried out to determine the concentration of heavy metals (e.g. lead, mercury and cadmium} deposited on plant produce sold along the highway in Osun State). Samples were bought from traders along the road from two different locations (Gbongan and Ikire junctions). The samples were digested and analyses for lead (Pb), cadmium (cd) and Mercury (Hg) using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers (AAS). The data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics (Bar charts and graph). Results from the various analyses indicated that the levels of these metals were found to increase uphill due to high combustion of fuel leading to high emission of vehicular exhaust and vice versa (uphill > downhill).When the heavy metal content in samples was compared with FAO/WHO guideline for food, it was observed that the metal contents in the plant produces sold along the road were higher than the threshold level, hence the plant produces sold along the road were considered contaminated. Therefore, buying and selling of plant produces along the highways should be discouraged. Enactment of an enabling law and its enforcement should be considered as priority by the appropriate organs of the government

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eISSN: 1595-7470