Acceptability of bread produced from hausa-potato and sweetpotato composite flours

  • C Aniedu
  • UA Agugo
Keywords: Hausa potato (PH), sweetpotato (SP), wheat (WH), bread (B)


This study was conducted to compare the quality of bread produced from Hausa potato (HP) flour and sweetpotato (SP) flour at different substitution levels with wheat flour. The proximate analysis and sensory evaluation of the bread samples were determined. The proximate composition analysis revealed that the parameters such as crude fiber, ether extract and ash of the samples increased with an increase in the proportion. Higher fiber content was observed in Hausa potato bread samples, with the 30% substitution level of HPB recording the highest fiber content of 3.5%. The protein content of all the samples from HP, SP and WH ranges from 2.6 to 6.8%, highest protein was observed in WH bread sample. There was no significant differences (p<0.05) among WH and HP samples at 10% substitution levels in all the sensory attributes evaluated (colour, taste, texture and general acceptability). However, it was observed that sweetpotato flour could act as a colouring agent in bread production in bread production. All the same, wheat bread sample had highest mean scores in all the sensory attributes evaluated.

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eISSN: 1595-7470