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Bio-Chemical Evaluation of Yam Peel Meal for Broiler Chickens

EV Ezieshi, JM Olomu


The nutritional properties and inclusion levels of yam peel meal (YPM) in broiler diets were investigated. Four diets in which YPM substituted maize at 0, 25, 50 and 75% were fed to 180 Anak broiler-type chickens over a 63-day period. Results indicated that YPM contained 89.74% dry matter (DM), 12.03% crude protein (CP), 9.31% crude fibre (CF), 1.03% ether extract (EE), 8.56% ash and 69.07% nitrogen-free extract (NFE). Similarly, mineral analysis revealed that YPM contained 0.12% calcium, 1.28% phosphorus, 0.16% magnesium, 0.31% potassium and 0.91% sulphur among others. The amino acid contents observed were: Alanine, 0.60%; arginine, 0.87%; leucine, 0.51%; lysine, 0.83%; methionine, 0.21%; phenylalanine, 0.38% and proline, 0.29% among others. Yam peel meal resulted in apparent metabolisable energy (AME) of 3,070.5 kcal/kg and AMEn of 3,027.4 kcal/kg. Results of the feeding trial indicated that body weight gain of broiler chickens was not significantly depressed (P>0.05) except at 75% replacement level. Feed intake per bird was not significantly affected (P>0.05) by diets. Feed-to-gain ratio appeared to increase with increase in the level of dietary YPM. There was a decrease in feed ost per bird as dietary YPM increased. Increased level of dietary YPM seemed to increase water intake by broiler chickens. From the results of the studies, it can be concluded that YPM can substitute up to 50% of dietary maize for broiler chickens without any adverse effect on performance and at reduced cost of feed production.

Keywords: yam peel, amino acids, minerals, broiler starter, broiler finisher, fiber, diets

Journal of Agriculture and Social Research (JASR) Vol. 11, No. 1, 2011

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