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Determinants of Self Employment and Income among Agribusiness Households in Abia State, Nigeria

J Onwumere
CS Alamba
CN Onwusiribe


The study examined the factors influencing self employment and income among one hundred100 agribusiness households in Abia State, Nigeria. In analyzing the factors influencing agribusiness household self employment and income, the level and the areas of self employment were also examined. Data for the analysis were collected using structured questionnaire and interview schedule. Descriptive statistics, probit regression and ordinary least square regression were used to analyze the data. Results from the analyses showed that self employment is common among the males. Education, age, gender, distances, landholding, size of household and value of livestock were significant variables that influenced self employment and income respectively. It was generally accepted that self employment is needful to alleviate the masses unemployment problem and to achieve food security goal of the nations especially Nigeria. It is therefore, recommended that the governmental and non governmental organizations, communities, individuals and corporate bodies should put in place policies that will make land and education available to the masses at a least cost to boost innovations and creativity development.