Journal of Applied Science and Technology

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Determination of nuclear cross-section of 81Br (n,,,) Br82 reaction by thermal neutron irradiation of barium bromide processed and measured as HBr82

K. Ahmad, L. Baranyai, J. Kornyei, B.T. Maakuu


The nuclear cross-section of the reaction 81Br (n,) Br82 has been measured by irradiation of Barium Bromide (BaBr2) in a thermal neutron flux of 4.2 x 1013 n cm-2 s-1. The BaBr2 was chemically processed and measured as Hydrogen Bromide (HBr82). The value of nuclear cross-section was determined to be 2.1 0.2 barns, which falls within the range of values as previously reported elsewhere.

(Journal of Applied Science and Technology: 2001 6(1-2): 4-6)
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