Journal of Applied Science and Technology

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Gamma radiation treatment of waste waters from textile industries in Ghana

S. A. Dogbe, G. Emi-Reynolds, G. K. Banini


Effects of gamma irradiation alone, and in combination with chemical treatment on color, odor, chemical oxyg-en demand (COD) and suspended solids in waste waters from textile industries in Ghana were studied to explore the potential of alternative and innovative processes for treatment of industrial waste waters. Waste waters from three textile industries in Ghana were progressively irradiated to a maximum dose of 19.96 0.07 kGy in a ga-mma irradiator of dose rate 7.80 0.05 kGy/h. The waste water samples were also irradiated in the presence of hydrogen peroxide, sodium peroxide, aluminium sulfate and ferrous ammonium sulfate. In a preliminary study, model aqueous solutions of three textile dyes were irradiated to investigate the process of treatment. Irradiation of waste water samples in the presence of ferrous ammonium sulfate were found to be an effective method for treatment of waste waters from the textile industries.

(Journal of Applied Science and Technology: 2001 6(1-2): 13-20)
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