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X-Ray powder diffractometry, crystallographic phase analysis and lattice parameters of kaolinite

F. A. Gavu, A. Ayensu


Computerized X-Ray diffraction system has been used to determine the composition and lattice parameters of raw and activated kaolinite. The universal diffractometry URD 63 was interfaced with computer via an APX 63 software package for rapid capturing of data on reflected intensity and other crystallographic parameters, includ-ing atomic coordinates, lattice parameters, Bragg angle and structure factor. Neglecting impurities, the raw kao-linite sample was found to contain about 55.6 % silica and 44.4 % alumina. The diffraction traces and intensity peaks of the thermal and chemical activated kaolinite indicated respectively, reduction in silica and alumina content.

(Journal of Applied Science and Technology: 2001 6(1-2): 65-71)
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