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Generating energy dependent neutron flux maps for effective utilization of miniature neutron source reactors

GI Balogun
SA Jonah
S Ajuji


For activation analysis and irradiation scheme of miniature neutron source reactor, designers or engineers usually require information on thermal neutron flux levels and other energy group flux levels (such as fast, resonance and epithermal). A methodology for readily generating such flux maps and flux profiles for any energy group has been developed. The scheme employs the lattice code WIMSD4 and core analysis code CITATION in an interactive Windows environment to generate the group constants and perform neutronics calculations. With such a scheme, axial profile could easily be generated for any radial distance. The generated flux maps and profiles will enable the designer or analyst to identify other suitable irradiation sites when modifying or re-designing operations of the reactor.

Journal of Applied Science and Technology Vol. 10(1&2) 2005: 85-90