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Quality Assessment Of Sodium Chloride Produced In Ghana

B Mensah
R Bayitse


The quality of sodium chloride (common salt) produced by solar evaporation from 13 different sites in Ghana and one imported salt sample (as control) were assessed for physico-chemical and bacteriological characteristi-cs. None of the local salt samples satisfied completely the 6 specifications of the Ghana Standard Board for un-refined salt. One sample satisfied 4 out of the 6 specifications, 3 samples satisfied 3 of the specifications, while 2 samples satisfied only 1 of the specifications. The general poor quality of the local salt could be attributed to the method of production, especially where there was no initial separation of other salts before evaporation of the brine to dryness.

Journal of Applied Science and Technology Vol. 12 (1&2) 2007: pp. 78-83