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Technological Change In Small And Medium Scale Enterprises During Financial Sector Liberalisation In Ghana

GO Essegbey
M Aggey


The technological changes in operations of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have been assessed to deter-mine the effect of financial liberalization policy, by surveying purposively 66 SMEs and 11 financial institution-ns. While some SMEs acquired technologies and innovated internally to bring about technological change, the levels were low in frequency and intensity. In spite of the financial sector liberalization, SMEs could not access credit, a factor responsible for the low level of technological change. A holistic policy framework by governme-nt, financial institutions and other key actors on vital intervention measures, is required to provide financial assistance to drive the technological change in SMEs.

Journal of Applied Science and Technology Vol. 12 (1&2) 2007: pp. 133-139