Efficiency curves of NIRR-1 gamma-ray spectrometry system at near and far geometries

  • U Sadiq
  • SA Jonah


The full-energy peak efficiency curves of the gamma-ray spectrometry for use with the Nigeria Research Reactor-1 (NIRR-1) have been determined by both theoretical and experimental at two source-detector positions for routine neutron activation analysis. Standard gamma ray sources were used to determine the efficiency curv-es in the energy range of 59.5 - 2240.1 keV and a semi-empirical approach was used to extend the efficiency data from 2204.1 to 4000 keV. The data were presented for source-detector positions of 1.0 and 5.0 cm, which were designated as H1 and H2 respectively. The semi-empirical method, which required the use of relatively long-lived radionuclides was been found to be accurate within experimental uncertainties.

Journal of Applied Science and Technology Vol. 13 (1 & 2) 2008: pp. 34-36

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eISSN: 0855-2215