Beneficiation of trona (hydrated sodium carbonate) deposits in Nigeria for glass making

  • II Akomolafe
  • T Yakubu
  • OO Ige
  • LE Umoru


Production of sodium carbonate from natural trona deposits in Yobe State (Nigeria) for utilization in the glass industry was investigated. The ore existed in cakes, flakes and ash forms, and nine samples were beneficiated and test melted. The samples were analyzed and processed using monohydrate and sesquicarbonate methods. The sesquicarbonate method was more efficient than monohydrate technique. The average yield of sodium carbonate was 69.5 %, 40.0 % and 33.0 % for the cake, ash and flakes, respectively; while the mean combined alkali (Na2O + K2O) content was 41.2 %. The beneficiated samples were melted for soda-lime silicate and lead silicate glass batch compositions, which in terms of fluxing efficiency and glass colour, compared favourably with the glass test melt using industrial soda ash. The trona samples could be utilized in glass making both in beneficiated and natural forms.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0855-2215