Temperature and thermal stress dependence on Fourier and Biot numbers during transient heating of a hollow cylinder

  • E Ufot
  • BT Lebele-Alawa
  • IE Douglas


Non-dimensional temperature distribution and axial thermal stress profiles in a hollow cylinder were studied and solution to the integral function of the thermal stress obtained. The non-dimensional thermal relations are important in many problems involving thermal loading of materials. A computer code was written to evaluate the temperature and stress at different nodal points in the cylindrical material. Discrete data of temperature profile were used to establish the dependence of transient temperature and thermal stress distributions on Fourier (Fo) and Biot (Bo) numbers during thermal loading. The temperature gradient decreased with increasing values of Fo and Bi. For the thermal stress distribution, ~ 30 % higher values of tensile stress in the inner layers of the hollow cylinder were observed with lower Fo.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0855-2215