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Fasting Blood Glucose Levels in Different Haemoglobin Genotypes and Blood Groups

F.E. Ejezie, E.A. Onwusi


Objective: To determine the fasting blood glucose levels in different hemoglobin genotypes and blood groups.

Subjects and Methods: One hundred and ninety (190) apparently healthy individuals, selected from the students of the School of Medical Laboratory Technology, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu, were used in the investigation. Blood for glucose estimation was collected in fluoride oxalate bottles while EDTA bottles were used for the collection of blood for hemoglobin genotype and ABO blood group determination. Fasting blood glucose levels were determined by the Glucose Oxidase method, hemoglobin genotype by Electrophoresis method and the ABO blood groups by the Slide method.

Results: The mean fasting blood glucose concentrations in the different blood groups (O,A,B and AB) were 70.6± 13.6mgldl, 73.6±12.8mgldl, 74.1± 11.9mg/dl and 80.2±7.8mgldl respectively. For the different Hb genotypes (HBAA, HBAS, HBSC and HBSS) the following mean fasting blood glucose levels were obtained respectively: 71.9±8.Omg/dl 73.4±7.4mgldl, 94.7±6.Imgldl and 94.6±5.9mgldl. There was a significant difference between the mean fasting blood glucose concentrations of blood groups O,A,B and AB (P<0.005).A comparison of the mean fasting blood glucose levels in the Hb genotypes HBAA, HBAS, HBSC, and UBSS also showed a significant difference (P<0.0001).

Conclusion: The results show that Hb genotypes HBSC, UBSS have higher fasting blood glucose concentrations than HBAA and HBAS. Fasting blood glucose levels are also higher in blood group AB than blood groups O,A and B. Thus, there is a correlation between fasting blood glucose, hemoglobin genotypes and ABO-blood groups.

Key words: Blood glucose levels, hemoglobin genotypes, ABO-blood groups.

[Jnl College Medicine Vol 8(1) 2003: 53-55]

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