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Genesis of Gynaecomastia

Wilson I. B. Onuigbo


Aim: To study the genesis of gynaecomastia using cases of it personally documented among the Igbos of Nigeria.

Methods: A 30-year histopathology data pool containing gynaecomastia cases was studied with special reference to surname, names(s), age, hospital, town, clinician, provisional diagnosis, symptoms, and signs which were submitted in Request Forms to me.

Results: The youngest patient was aged 11 years and the oldest 83 years, the average age being 35.8 years. There were two peaks in the 21-30 and 41-50 age groups. Unilateral involvement occurred in 82.1%, no side preponderating clearly. During the three decades of study, there was an increasing trend that probably indicates cancer awareness among the population. The patients appear to welcome surgical excision, since they travel early and to long distances for attention in cosmopolitan and missionary hospitals.

Conclusion: Male breast problems feature in surgical practice among the Igbos of Nigeria, the spectrum of the disease being of considerable interest epidemiologically.

Key Words: Gynaecomastia, Genesis, Igbos.

[Jnl College Medicine Vol 8(1) 2003: 66-68]

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