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Neuro-HIV: Nervous System Manifestations of HIV Infection- A Review

Ikenna O Onwuekwe
AC Nwabueze


The nervous system manifestations of HIV infection are protean. Initially assumed to be a late feature of HIV infection, neurologic involvement can occur quite early. Recognition and management of this condition can be very challenging. A review of the literature is presented.

An extensive search of all materials related to the topic was made using library sources. Current research findings were also included.

The pathogenesis of neuro-HIV, components of the syndrome, methods of evaluation and guidelines for management are discussed.

The early detection of neurological disease due to HIV infection is of paramount importance to the clinician as there are implications not just for management but also for prognosis.

Key words: HIV infection, nervous system, manifestations.

Journal of College of Medicine Vol.10(1) 2005: 18-20