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Trend of gynaecological malignancies in University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Ituku-Ozalla Enugu, Nigeria

UA Umeh
TO Nwankwo
EO Ugwu
U Aniebue
BC Ozumba
CR Umeh


Background: There is increasing variation in the incidence and distribution of
gynaecological cancers. Thus, a study on its trend will help policy makers in appreciating its burden as well as in allocation of the scarce resources.
Objective: To determine the trend and pattern of gynecological cancers at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Ituku-Ozalla, Nigeria.
Methods: A 10 year retrospective review of case notes of all gynecological malignancies seen in the hospital within the study period. Results: Cervical cancer is the most frequent occurring 57.3% (n=470), followed by Ovarian cancer 20.9 % (n=171) and endometrial cancer 11.8% (n=97). There is a slight reduction in the incidence of cervical cancer over the study period and also when compared with previous studies from the study center. There is
increasing incidence of endometrial and vulval cancers while choriocacinoma and ovarian cancers showed a downward trend.
Conclusion: Cervical is the most common gynecological cancer in Enugu, Nigeria, however the incidence is currently showing a downward trend. The incidences of endometrial and vulval cancers are on the increase. More efforts and resources are needed in the fight against cervical cancer and other gynaecological malignancies in Nigeria.

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