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Perception, attitude and practice of voluntary counseling and testing for HIV/AIDS among undergraduates in a Nigerian University

U.E Ezeoke


Background: According to 2006 AIDS epidemic update global summary, the total number of people living with HIV/AIDS world wide is about 39.5 million (34.1-47.7million).1 In Nigeria about 2.9 million (1.7-4.2 million) people were living with HIV/AIDS in 2005.2 The AIDS epidemic continues to spread rapidly among the youth.
Objectives: To ascertain the perception attitude and practice of voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) for human immune deficiency virus among undergraduates in a Nigerian Tertiary Institution.
Methodology: A cross sectional descriptive survey was carried out among 185 undergraduates of the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus using a self administered questionnaire. A total of 200 questionnaires were distributed, fifteen were not returned hence 185 undergraduates were included in the study.
Result: The result is from the study carried out in January 2009. Mean age is 22 + 3.7 SD, 104 (56.3%) males and 80 (43.2%) females. Most 171 (92.4%) were aware of VCT, 177 (95.7%) felt that VCT was important. Inspite of this however a small proportion 48 (25.9%) of the respondents attended VCT services. Most of the respondents gave their reason for non use of VCT as having no knowledge of where to obtain the VCT services.
Conclusion and Recommendation: The undergraduates were found to have good knowledge of VCT, access VCT services but low use of the services was discovered. It is therefore recommended that intensive health education and awareness campaign be carried out among the undergraduates to increase their uptake of VCT services.

Key words: Perception, attitude VCT, Nigerian, undergraduates

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