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Gonial angle values in 12 to 15 year – old Nigerians.

N Folaranmi


Background: this study was carried out on 12 – 15 year old Nigerian school children to measure and provide baseline data for the gonial angle. Study design: One hundred orthodonticaly untreated subjects were randomly selected by multistage sampling to participate in this study. Lateral cephalometric radiographs of the one hundred, 12-15 years old school children, were taken. Manual tracings of the cephalograms were done and the measurements were recorded, summarized and statistically analyzed. Result: The mean age of the population studied was 12.16years. There were 40 males (40%) and 60 females (60%). The gonial angle for males was found to be 128.040±3.690 while that for females was 128.670±4.990 No significant difference was noted in the mean value for males and females. (p<0.05). Following a combined data analysis for both males and females, the mean biological gonial angle value obtained was 128.420 ± 5.050. Conclusion No significant difference was noted in the values for males and females.

Keywords: Gonion, Menton, Mandibular Plane, Gonial angle.

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