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Recurrent angio-oedema involving the upper and lower lips - A Case Report.

E Ndiokwelu, E.A Akaji, J Ahiarakwem


Summary Background: Angio-oedema is a diffuse oedematous swelling of the soft tissues which can be as dramatic as it is brief. It is a subcutaneous extension of urticaria resulting in deep swelling within the subcutaneous sites usually the eyelids and lips. Case Report: The aim of this paper is to report a case of recurrent angio-oedema post consumption of certain food in an adult male patient. In this case, it occurred not only in the upper lip, as was usual with this patient, but also in the lower lip. Patient was effectively managed with an antihistamine drug. It was concluded that angio-oedema associated with food allergy can become more extensive than is usual even in the same patient. Recurrent angio-oedema is the hallmark of various inherited or acquired angio-oedema diseases. Among these diseases, hereditary angio-oedema, or HAE, due to C1 inhibitor, or C1NH, deficiency—HAE type I and type II—has considerable implications for dental health care providers because dental surgery may trigger distressing and even life-threatening oedema of the face, tongue and larynx.

Keywords: Angio-oedema, recurrent, lips.

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