Teenage testicular torsion.

  • WIB Onuigbo
  • GE Njeze
Keywords: Testis, Teenage, Torsion, Igbos


Aim: To study testicular torsion in teenagers in the Igbo community.
Method: A retrospective study was carried out as regards requests for pathological examination of specimens received at a Regional Reference Laboratory based in Enugu.
Results: Over a period of 30 years, 28 surgical specimens of testicular torsion in Igbo teenagers were received. They were submitted by 18 doctors working in 6 of the numerous towns inhabited by the Ibos or Igbos. The peak age was 16 years. The right testis (64.3%) was involved more often than the left unlike Western reports. Three patients reported within 24 hours of experiencing the usual pain and swelling. Most testes showed advanced necrotic changes. Perhaps, the lesion is uncommon in the community. Certainly, as many as 14 doctors sent but a specimen each. Since the Teaching Hospital at Enugu accounted for fully 16 cases, this suggests that most patients had to travel long distances to obtain treatment.
Conclusions: These findings indicate the need for health education as well as the provision of more specialist hospitals for the teeming Igbo communities. We hope that this will be attained through those now springing up in Abakaliki, Orlu, and Aba.

Key words: Testis, Teenage, Torsion, Igbos


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eISSN: 1118-2601