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Community perspective of alternative methods of keeping immunization records in a rural setting of southwest Nigeria

V.O. Oladoyin
A.M. Adebayo


Background: Evaluation of the objectives of immunization programme will be impossible in settings where immunization record keeping and verbal reports may be unreliable like Nigeria. This necessitates a need for improved record keeping. Using end users’ approach to seeking alternative record keeping system might serve as a model on which to plan improvement of immunisation service delivery. This study was conducted to assess other methods of keeping childhood immunization records based on community’s suggestions in a rural setting of Southwest Nigeria.
Methodology: A cross-sectional study of mothers/care-givers of under-5-children in a rural community was carried out using a mixed-method approach [questionnaire survey and focus group discussion (FGD)]. Quantitative data were analysed using descriptive statistics and qualitative data by thematic approach.
Results: Mean age of the respondents was 28.3 ± 5.5 years and 98.5% were  females. Most (65.4%) of the respondents could not think of any other way of  keeping immunisation assessment records. The use of a notebook was the only new method suggested by few (0.4%) of the respondents. From the FGD, participants opined that they had no challenge with the use of the immunisation card as a way of keeping immunisation records and that there were no better ways. However,  suggestions reported revolved around better ways of maintaining the cards such as keeping the cards in the bank or having a duplicate in the health facilities.
Conclusion: Respondents in the study area felt the use of immunization card for keeping immunization records should be continued with improved maintenance culture.


Keywords: Immunisation, Record keeping, Uptake, Vaccination card, End users

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