A web-based platform for mobile learning management system

  • A.J. Ikuomola
  • O.N. Nureni
Keywords: Management System, Mobile Learning, Traditional Education, Web-based


The rapid spread and penetration of mobile devices to every layer of society has exposed the educational community to many new opportunities and responsibilities. As mobile computing and its disruptive aftermath enter the education arena, the challenge becomes how to harness the potential in ways that are beneficial to the educational community at large and the learners in particular. The traditional and formal way of teaching adopted in most institutions is the use of lecture room and in this type of learning environment it is possible for a student to miss lecture due to some reason beyond his control and also not able to learn at his own pace. Making learning mobile and informal can actually provide the required solution. This work presents a Web-based platform solution for Mobile Learning Management System (WEMOLEMAS) for addressing these problems. The architecture of WEMOLEMAS consists of four main layers namely Presentation layer, Business logic layer, Data Access layer and Data Storage layer. The presentation layer is the user interface which is made up of the system user, the mobile devices, the mobile applications used to access the internet and also context discovery and content delivery. The Business Logic layer is made up of the mLearning Management System (mLMS), Communication Module and Course Learning Module. The Data Access layer is made up of the links and the search engine. Finally, the Data Storage layer is made up of several tables in the database. The implementation was carried out using Adobe Dreamweaver and Wamp server. The evaluation of the system shows that the practise of mLearning will actually improve learning system in various citadel of learning.

Keywords: Management System, Mobile Learning, Traditional Education, Web-based


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2006-5523
print ISSN: 2006-5523