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Modelling a web service approach to secure data access

A. F. Thompson, O. S. Egwuche, O. H. Wale


Electronic memo is an appropriate, cost-effective, convenient and timely means to transmit official information in every working environment. The research is aimed at designing a secure administrative memo system using web services technology. The system would allow different users (heads of units and departments) to access correspondence as information flows through organizational hierarchy with ease using the browser to access the web service which provides the security of the information and grants access to authorized users. Thus providing a secure web service and clearance application. The 3-tier architecture adopted in this work would have the front-end to allow officers log in to the system, issue memo and employ web services technology to forward the memo to the relevant officers. At the middle-end, users are authenticated for specific services. The back-end engine provides a repository of the successfully treated memo. Web Service Security (WS-Security) is exploited to implement the security component of the designed system.

Keywords: Web Service, Clearance System, Secure Data Access.

Keywords: Electronic mail, Term Frequency Inverse Document Frequency, artificial neural network, email classification, email message.

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