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Threshold-based bandwidth allocation scheme for multiservice wireless networks

O. T. Oladele, R. O. Oladele, O. S. Adewale


Priority Queuing with Buffer Management (PQBM) has been recently proposed in the literature. The protocol is acclaimed to be a very attractive candidate in current (2.5G and 3G) and next (4G) multiservice wireless networks. However, it suffers bandwidth monopolization by higher priority data packets. This paper proposes a new scheme namely Improved Priority Queuing with Buffer Management (IPQBM) with a view to redistributing service provision to the data classes optimally. In particular, the scheduling discipline of PQBM is modified so as to correct the monopoly problem. IPQBM is compared with PQBM vis-à-vis throughput and mean delay of data packets. Numerical results reveal that IPQBM offers improved throughput for lower priority data packets by ensuring that higher priority data class does not have a monopoly of bandwidth resources.

Keywords: Priority Queuing, Buffer Management, Protocol, Bandwidth, multi-service wireless networks.

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