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Algorithm development simulator for human heart beat rate

M Olagunju, A.E. Adeniyi


Heart is one of the major organs in the body and it contributes a lot to the health status of humans. The heart rates measurement is varied in movement to the well beings of human. It is very difficult to determine the heart rates. This research work focuses on the determining series of human heart beat rate, using ages to determine the heart beat pattern and also to classify heart beat maximum, rest rate and reserve rate of human heart. A computer algorithm was developed called algorithm simulator to carry out the study. In accordance with this study, with the result generated using visual basic programming language, the human heart beat rate can be classified into different ways, which are maximum heart beat rate, rest rate, heart reserved rate. Human heart beat rate can be classified into different patterns and suggest the heart patient concern with any rigors We conclude that the software developed using visual basic can easily assist in checking human heart beat rate compared to the manual heart beat reading. It will serve as a way of checkmating the over work of the heart especially among the aged people.

Keywords: Heart Beat, Algorithm, Human, Heart Rest Rate, Heart Rate Maximum, Heart Reserve Rate, Stimulator

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