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Users’ perception in an intelligent automatic fire detection system for developing

M.I. Akazue


Developing countries residential and commercial environment are far from fire proof, due to the absence of sufficient fire fighting institutions and low-level technology. This has resulted to loss of lives and properties worth millions of dollars due to fire outbreak. Therefore, this research paper delves into the design and implementation of an enhanced intelligent fire detection system based on smoke sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, atmel328 microcontroller, and GSM communication technology to accurately detect fire incidence and its actual point of ignition and report same remotely using short messaging service (SMS). The system implementation was evaluated on society perception of safety trust, safety enhancement, and real-time emergency response, through data collected with structured questionnaire administered to 120 persons, which is unique to other existing literature. The result indicated a 95% safety trust perception response among respondents, In addition, 98% safety enhancement perception from respondents and 89% emergency response perception from respondents’ responses. Hence when this system is fully developed into commercial product, fire accidents are set to receive rapid response from all concerned. Also, society safety trust perception to fire outbreak incidence and environmental safety in developing countries will be improved.

Keywords: Users’ Perception, Automatic Fire Detection System, Sensors, Fire accidents

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eISSN: 2006-5523
print ISSN: 2006-5523