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Application of waterfall model for secondary schools' result processing

R.O. Bello, M. Olugbebi, S. I. Bello, A. O. Babatunde, O. B. Bello


The manual processing of calculation, maintenance, and recovery of students’ academic results without the use of automation is discovered to have been dreary, time wasting, and prone to error, particularly with students of a great number. This study aimed at designing a web-based application capable of storing and processing secondary students’ results with high speed and appreciable accurate output. Waterfall Model of Hypertext Markup Language, Javascript, and Bootstrap Cascading Style Sheet were utilized to design the front-end interface, while Hypertext Pre-processor, Asynchronous Javascript and Extensible Markup Language, and My Structured Query Language were deployed for the back-end design. The web application developed reduced the deficiencies inherent in manual result processing as it can hasten the computation of students’ examination results, allowed students access to their results promptly and for proper maintenance as when due.

Keywords: Students’ academic records, Manual results processing, Waterfall application,
Secondary schools

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