Model Implementation Of Text And Video Chats With Python Ide Software

  • RO Bello
  • MA Ogunrinde
  • BO Bello
Keywords: Synchronous, integrated development environment, interface, online, communication.


Chats are bound to be an efficient way of disseminating synchronous and asynchronous information through textual messages or video communication among various people over a network. An Integrated Development Environment (IDE), is a text editor that allows developers and engineers to enhance the different features of writing executable software. Using IDEs, the programmer’s productivity is enhanced by consolidating common activities involved in writing computer programs into a single application. These activities include source code editing, auto-completing, syntax highlighting, building executable, debugging, and automated testing. Python is a programming language used to develop mostly sophisticated Machine Learning and web applications. An IDE makes coding in Python much easier and efficient. It consists of features like indentation and code folding which are very important aspects in executing Python programs successfully. Also, unresolved imports or undefined methods are indicated with warnings and error signs to give programmers more information on impending problems. A web-based Python Integrated Development Environment (IDE) was developed by applying modern communication techniques of text and video chats. This software delivers facilities to programmers for efficient development of programs. It also consists of auto-completion, code fixing, code editing, management and automated testing. A cloud-based IDE was deployed because it enables programmers to easily access their projects anywhere and at any time. Also, hardware limitation issues are eliminated with no setups and configurations required, as all the information is to be stored in the cloud. Hypertext Markup Language, Javascript, and Bootstrap Cascading Style Sheet were used to design the front-end interface, while Asynchronous Javascript, and Extensible Markup Language, Hypertext Pre-processor and My Structure Query Language were employed for the back-end design. Various users can be able to write, edit, debug, run, and store the codes on the server. The user can also use the IDE on any internet-enabled devices such as personal computers, mobile devices, and tablets.

Keywords: Synchronous, integrated development environment, interface, online, communication.


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eISSN: 2006-5523
print ISSN: 2006-5523