Strategies for improving students' motivation in the learning of French as a foreign language

  • V Ogbonna


Classroom experience has shown that French teachers are often faced with students who are unwilling, discouraged and uninterested to learn French. Students' lack of interest in learning French language in secondary schools has been identified as one factor responsible for the low enrolment. The paper proposes that French teachers' motivational level impacts students' achievement in French language. It suggests that teachers of French  should be motivated and should also try to motivate themselves. Some strategies for motivating students in the learning of French language include motive for learning the language should be related to the students, lesson objectives should be disclosed to the students, emphasis should be more on mastery than on grades, and learning should be made fun. The paper recommends that French teachers should give themselves to reading, writing and interaction with colleagues in French and in addition use varieties of methods and materials in teaching.

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print ISSN: 1119-9210